New Year’s Writing Goals 2016



It’s a new year and I have goals! The writing kind!

  • First of all, writing needs to become a priority. I have so many things I like to do with my day and I try to spread them out and make them all fit. Writing seems to take a back seat. No more.
  • I’m starting to get feedback from my beta readers for my first ever finished story! So now it’s time to make changes to┬áthat one using all this feedback.
  • I want to finish and revise the recent Nano book (unnamed space opera) and start getting feedback for it.
  • Which means the other book (the book of letters) will still have to wait it’s turn for some attention.
  • I want to start researching agents and the like. Freaky! Which means maybe NEXT year I’ll be ready to query and pitch. Maybe.
  • I have registered for both LTUE and Storymakers again this year. Not sure if I’ll fit in more conferences, but it would be nice if it happens.
  • I hope to keep the online writing group going. And if that doesn’t work.. find a real, in life serious writing group. Sigh.
  • Keep going to UVW when I can. Renew membership in March.

I’d love to know what writing goals you have!


Looking Back and Looking Forward

Indian Summer Manuscripts


It’s somehow poetic that I’m getting my first manuscript ready to send out to beta readers on the day before Nano, exactly two years before I starting writing it for my very first Nano. You’d think I’d be excited. But no. I’m feeling rather anxious and sick to my stomach instead. Both about sending this story out, and about starting another brand new story that I’m afraid might totally be beyond my ability.

Here’s to nothing!

Hello, My Name Is


When I created my online presence back nearly ten years ago, I decided to use my nickname: Suey. Over the years, it’s become a part of me like I would have never imagined. I thought this nickname was dumb and degrading back when my college roommates dubbed me with it, but I’ve become so used to it now that I don’t even think about it.

The problem now is that if I want to market or brand myself as a writer/author, and maybe even become published one day, I should probably ditch the cutesy nickname. And this is almost as hard, if not harder, than embracing the nickname was years ago. This site is my attempt at working on that project and showing the world, the writing world specifically, who I really am.

But if you see me out and about as Suey, now you’ll know what’s up and that I’ll answer by that name too.