Hello, My Name Is


When I created my online presence back nearly ten years ago, I decided to use my nickname: Suey. Over the years, it’s become a part of me like I would have never imagined. I thought this nickname was dumb and degrading back when my college roommates dubbed me with it, but I’ve become so used to it now that I don’t even think about it.

The problem now is that if I want to market or brand myself as a writer/author, and maybe even become published one day, I should probably ditch the cutesy nickname. And this is almost as hard, if not harder, than embracing the nickname was years ago. This site is my attempt at working on that project and showing the world, the writing world specifically, who I really am.

But if you see me out and about as Suey, now you’ll know what’s up and that I’ll answer by that name too.

Revising is Hard

This past week I’ve been concentrating on revising. It’s hard! I makes me want to bang my head on my desk! It makes me tired! Every time I sit down to revise some more I suddenly feel the urge to take a nap.

But when I finally do sit down and actually start working on things, here’s what I’m thinking:

*tightening things up, think of your story like a tightrope… if it sags, the bookmark goes in and the reader stops.
* limit descriptions, use only when necessary
* use only the most essential scenes.. only the ones that push you to the climax
* eliminate redundancy… say it clearly and then move on
* use precise verbs… walking vs. sauntering for example
* write with active voice… get rid of all the WAS words
* think of chapter endings that tempt the reader to keep reading

Showing vs. Telling!
* get rid of these words: see, hear, feel, know, remember, think, is/was, wonder, thought, look, saw, imagine, guess. They are all telling words not showing words.

Oh, the other thing I’ve been doing a lot of… getting read of lots of saids… and just using body language and action instead. I forget what’s that called, but it has a name. I can’t even tell you how many places I have where this is needing to be fixed!

Nano 2015 Here I Come

I know it’s only September but already I’m thinking about what I want to write come November. Do I want to outline this time around? Do I want to pants it again? Do I want to write that space opera that’s in my head? The one with absolutely no plot?

If so, it’s time NOW to start thinking! And planning and plotting and researching!

Are you working on your Nano plans already? How’s it going?