New Year’s Writing Goals 2016



It’s a new year and I have goals! The writing kind!

  • First of all, writing needs to become a priority. I have so many things I like to do with my day and I try to spread them out and make them all fit. Writing seems to take a back seat. No more.
  • I’m starting to get feedback from my beta readers for my first ever finished story! So now it’s time to make changes to┬áthat one using all this feedback.
  • I want to finish and revise the recent Nano book (unnamed space opera) and start getting feedback for it.
  • Which means the other book (the book of letters) will still have to wait it’s turn for some attention.
  • I want to start researching agents and the like. Freaky! Which means maybe NEXT year I’ll be ready to query and pitch. Maybe.
  • I have registered for both LTUE and Storymakers again this year. Not sure if I’ll fit in more conferences, but it would be nice if it happens.
  • I hope to keep the online writing group going. And if that doesn’t work.. find a real, in life serious writing group. Sigh.
  • Keep going to UVW when I can. Renew membership in March.

I’d love to know what writing goals you have!