NaNoWriMo 2015 is Half Over!


Thoughts on Week One:

One week down, three to go! It’s been a fun week of writing. It started out slow and I felt my story was so so boring, trying to establish character and setting and all that, but the past three days of writing it feels like it has really picked up. I feel excited to go where I think (’cause you never really know!) it’s going and I can’t wait to get there! This is the adrenaline of Nano that I keep talking about, the addictive nature of it. That feeling of anticipation to see if what’s in your head pans out. And how.

I’ve had a few new thoughts about my story after starting that I’m excited… well nervous… about too. I think this time around I’m being much braver, and that’s such a good thing I’m noticing! I don’t know, I guess we’ll see.

So, after a week I’m at 15,805 words, which is a little head of the game. That’s because I know there will be crazy non-writing days to come and I really want to be ahead when those hit! I haven’t written anything yet today, so here’s hoping by the end of today we’ll be about 2000 more, which seems to be my daily average-ish. Only today might turn out to be one of those crazy days before it’s over.

What I’m loving so far about this current writing experience:

  • writing in present tense. I feel more… um… present! 🙂
  • having my characters be different, like not exactly what we’d expect to see here in this world.
  • having the world be different, though sometimes that’s hard because my imagination is crap
  • having a better idea of where this is going, and that’s only because it’s a retelling so I have the outline of the original story to go by!
  • having my sister participating with me fairly consistently. We chat while writing and moan and worry and sprint and bounce ideas around. It’s lovely. Here’s hoping she stays with me for yet another week! And another. And another.
  • having my family “get it” a little better this time around because they’ve actually seen a printed up visual of the story from two years ago. I think that makes a huge difference, to actually see that… oh, cool…you really WERE writing something!
  • figuring out a music playlist as I go. Why is that so much fun?
  • having so many published authors, and favorite authors participating. I know they have in the past, but it seems more this time. Anyway, to compare my daily word count with Brandon Sanderson’s (so far about the same!) makes me smile. (To have him working on Stormlight 3 makes me smile even bigger.)
  • feeling a little braver and a little less restrained in the writing and truly noticing an improvement. This is the best thing of all. Here’s hoping it’s not all in my <crappy> imagination!
I can’t wait to keep going! Are you writing? How did your first week go? Are you still excited about your story? Let me know!!
Thoughts on Week Two:

Another week down! Everyone says we should be feeling sluggish and bugged and frustrated with our stories about now. And while I’m having moments of those things, for the most part, I’m feeling really good about my story. Today, I managed over 3000 more words, which bumped me over 30,000 total. That number looks so cool! 🙂

I remember being worried about having enough time this past week for writing and it turned out not too bad. But believe me, this coming week is going to be horrendous! That’s why this weekend I want to double up to get a good big pile of words so that if I have some completely no writing days, it won’t totally kill the groove.

Some highlights of the writing week:

  • killing off a character, which, while exciting in theory, turned out to be a bit anti climatic in the story. Note to self: revise this bit later!
  •  having lots and lots of sprints with Megs which really ups the word count! They are scary in a sense and awesome in a sense. Try it, you’ll like it!
  • some pretty good swoony scenes, but alas.. with the wrong guy! Things will be shaking up this week!
  • stuff that has come up that I really need to figure out and learn more about: weapons, boxing, secondary characters names and attributes, the layout of space ships, more detail in the back stories, more detail in the level of technology this world has
  •  I decided that perhaps I’m creating world that I can call “steampunk space.” I have no idea what that means, but I like the sound of it.

Well, at this point, half way in, I’m happy to say, I’m still having fun! How about the rest of you Nano-ers??


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