Projects I’m working on.

Indian Summer (working title)

When 17 year old Mandy is forced to spend the summer helping her grandparent’s on their Southern Utah farm, she expects some boredom, many chores, and a little sadness about leaving her friends back home in California. Secretly, though, she longs for a romantic and idyllic adventure, one that hopefully includes the local motorcycle-riding farm boys. What she doesn’t expect is to stumble upon an old diary belonging to her great great grandma that weaves a sinister tale of love and betrayal laced with legends from Native American lore. Soon, she finds that her own summertime adventures are mirroring those of her ancestor more than 100 years before, and her connection to her past is much thinner than she could ever have imagined. If she doesn’t figure out how to stop the cycle of jealousy and revenge, she or someone she loves may have to pay the ultimate price.

Status: Beta reading


Passing Notes (working title)

It’s the year 1982. Livia and Janika have just started their junior year in high school. Even though they see each other every day in all their classes, they have a passion about writing notes to each other. It becomes a way to chronicle all the happenings of this eventful year, the laughs, the loves and the loss. They journey through the pains of growing up together, and through their notes, the reader shares in the whole saga.

Status: 50,000 Nanowrimo unedited words


YA Space Opera (unnamed)

Plans for Nano 2015 are to draft a YA science fiction space opera. Taryn receives a space cruise for her graduation present. Even though there has been unrest in the system, her dad (leader of her planet) deems it safe for her to travel. Everything goes well until their ship is boarded by space invaders. Not so safe after all! Taryn finds herself in the middle of a political maneuver that will change her life. A re-telling of the Tristan and Iseult story.

Status: Nanowrimo drafting